Visites d'extérieur terrasses et jardins

Durée: 2h
Maximum: 15 People
Coming Spring of 2022

You might think home and garden tours are merely a superficial pleasure, you’re only half right. This mansion offers their fair share of sensory pleasures—the scent of blossoming flowers, the gurgle of fountains, the warmth of the sunshine as you traverse the grounds—but their beauty is far from skin-deep. To make our list, a property had to be as interesting as it is beautiful with real stories to tell.

Choctaw Hall 9 am 

Location: 310 N.Wall St.

The Towers 10 am 

Location: 801 Myrtle Ave.
Designing and running specialized garden and patio tours in Downtown Natchez since 1932. Private Garden Visits. Exclusive Experience. 

Visites d'extérieur terrasses et jardins

The Towers and Choctaw Hall Garden and Patio Tour $30
$30 Per Person

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