Frogmore Plantation Tours


Cotton Then & Now (allow 1 ½ hrs. to 2 hrs)

Explore Louisiana history and music with an experience, unlike any classroom – take an unforgettable trip to Frogmore.

Professional videos, first-hand accounts of former slaves, 1860s plantation life under martial law, botanicaL aspects of cotton, and the high-tech computerized methods of ginning and farming today are why visitors comment Frogmore is a highlight of their trip to the South.

Don’t miss the cotton harvest and computerized ginning from September 15th – October 31st.



Civil War Tour (allow 1 hr. to 1 ½ hr.)

To commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, Frogmore Plantation is offering a special tour – a concise but complete history of the Civil War on plantations, including causes beginning with our constitution, conflicts between Confederates and Unionists, economics and politics that fueled the fires, and effects on slaves and owners.

This tour does not discuss battle strategy but does include the Union army regime and the takeover of the Natchez District. Frogmore was the site of encampment and skirmish for 1,776 Union troops led by Col. Bernard Farrar including the Illinois infantry and heavy artillery. The old Natchez District included Eastern Louisiana, and many plantation owners were Union, not Confederate sympathizers.

The text includes effects of federal army occupation on area plantations, federal corral in Natchez for freed slaves, Confederate guerilla activity against Union planters, and the effects of the war on the women & children left behind, along with the plantation crops, gins, and food supplies. (This tour has no duplication with other tours offered at Frogmore.) (Group tours may optionally have live vocalists incorporating the Civil War era songs of the slaves and freedmen who joined the armies.)


Modern gin BEST with round modules

Modern Cotton Tour

Journey forward to the present as you tour an 1800-acre modern cotton plantation with a computerized 900 bales-per-day cotton gin. Spring or fall, rain or shine, visitors experience ginning first hand via video. Mid-September through the end of October, visitors can also view the gin in operation along with the video to explain the process.

George “Buddy” Tanner was selected the most outstanding ginner in the U. S. by the National Ginner’s Association and currently serves as a delegate to the National Cotton Council. He personally relates unusual products, cotton techniques, and world facts to group tours, and he is almost always available to answer questions for individuals as well. The Tanners offer not only a comprehensive historical tour, but also pride themselves on the agricultural, botanical, and industrial aspects of the tour.


Frogmore Plantation Tours

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